About the band

After “Live In Luxembourg” being chosen as 5th best jazz album in 2009 by Stuart Nicholson in Jazzwise Magazine:

„I would simply say that to me you are developing a strong individual voice that sounds as if it comes from Europe and not the USA.” – Stuart Nicholson

Robert Ratajczak (Jazz Forum, Hi-Fi Magazine) after the concert at Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznań:

The Truth is an album that has been living in my player for weeks now. No wonder I was very curious to find out how its music sounded live. The comparison of the band’s studio recordings and their stage performance well exceeded my expectations. Tubis Trio is a musical team that works together superbly on stage. During their club performance, Maciej Tubis’ compositions really came alive, and the music radiated expressive vigor. The musical themes which are filled with the spirit of European jazz betray refined albeit approachable melodic style. While weaving into each piece a pinch of improvisation, the trio were able to maintain just the right proportions, all of which yielded the most evocative message. By stirring the listeners’ imagination and unreservedly engaging them in the reception of their music, Tubis Trio created an exceptional musical mood.

The individual pieces (like the headlining Monday On My Way, 2:31, the grandiose Peloponnese or the beautiful ballad It’s a Beautiful Winter Out There) display each of the musician’s personal imprints as they infuse every single piece with their own syncopation or spontaneous solos. Tubis Trio does not copy the flaws of piano trios in which other instrumentalists are merely a backdrop for the leader. This democratic attitude was especially apparent during the double-encored Thursday performance at Blue Note. Although this marked the band’s tenth concert in a series of a dozen or so shows, its members glowed with vitality and exuded the natural joy of their collective musical experience.

There have been several comparisons made between Tubis Trio and the music of E.S.T. or Brad Mehldau Trio, but these seem to apply only to the definition of the style within which the band maneuvers. Tubis Trio possesses its own musical dialect which is far removed from the traditional perception of jazz. For this very reason the band’s output appeals to music lovers who would normally avoid this particular genre.

This was undeniably one of the best concerts of a Polish band that I was fortunate to attend this year. In the same way The Truth, with which the trio has been touring, ranks very high amongst this year’s European jazz productions. It shouldn’t go unnoticed that the album has received very good reviews from  All About Jazz and Jazz Forum, both influential sources of information for every jazz fan.

Robert Ratajczak – jazz critic

Tubis Trio: The Truth, October 19, 2017 – Blue Note, Poznań
Maciej Tubis – piano
Paweł Puszczało – double bass
Przemysław Pacan – drums

Review after the concert in 12on14 jazz club in Poland – 4th March 2017 (the best jazz club according to European Jazz Magazine – Jazz Forum):

The hit “Triceratops” concludes the magical concert, filled with the music so beautiful, complete and perfect, performed with such technical mastery, that even the most heartfelt wishes of stunning international career sound like a truism. The album “The Truth”, expected this autumn, will certainly be an international sensation, and Maciej Tubis will once again become a great name in the world of jazz!

“Tokio”, repeated as an encore, exploded with double power, as it ended with a storm of applause of an intensity unheard for a long time! That is the way superb concerts end! And this concert was superb indeed!

Marek Dusza 
(jazz critic working for the Rzeczpospolita journal, co-operating with Jazz Forum and AUDIO magazines, nominated thrice for the Jazz Oscar, the Grand Prix of Stowarzyszenie Melomani association, for the Journalist and Critic of the Year) writes about the trio:

The associations with American bands, Brad Mehldau Trio and The Bad Plus, are not a coincidence – similar waves of artistic expression and creative passion experienced by the musicians flow from the stage during the concerts given by Tubis Trio. And most importantly, the audience feels that passion as well.

The musicians of Tubis Trio experience pure joy during the concerts. When you listen to them, you know that they feel free as birds. They have no limits and thus they “fly away” to unknown lands. The trip with them, full of surprises and exciting experiences, is well worth taking.